This week, I worked every day at the boys bedroom. They were with grandparents and I wanted to surprise them with a little room makeover. Mercer and Jonah have a bunk room and we are in love with Beddy’s, which help the kids make their bed with ease 🙌🏻 and bonus for mom, they’re super easy to wash. I was a little sad taking all the baseball stuff down because it was a reminder how fast they are growing up. So this was the transition I think into middle school years.

Pretty neutral, but I added some things I knew they loved like the cowhide rug, leather throw pillows, and skull mounts. One really special surprise was their dads old matchbox cars and trailers. Daryle played with these cars when he was their age and younger, what sweet thoughts. I can’t seem to part with their sandlot picture, its best movie ever.

I added some baseballs they have collected over the years, game balls and such . Our favorite Crosley radio and of course it’s on 650AM WSM, what else would it be on? I added a little tray with all their favorite Young Living oils, so now they can fill their diffuser up on their own. You may have noticed those large, galvanized letters hanging above the bunks. They spell out “Buddy,” and thats actually from a fun family story. You see, Daryle’s granddad always used to refer to Daryle as “Buddy.” Then Daryle picked it up and started calling his friends (our boys, included) Buddy as well. Eventually, when the boys we little, they started calling each other Buddy, too! So now the Buddy sign serves as a sweet reminder of our multigenerational nickname. I don’t know that I’ll ever take it down. The last thing we are missing is a Texas longhorn mount. A dear friend of Daryle’s has a ranch and wanted to do it for the boys. Can’t wait to show that special piece when it arrives!