Spring is here, which means its time for spring cleaning! If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you have probably heard me talk about Young Living! Well, they are my absolute secret weapon when it comes to home hygiene.

I’m pretty passionate about getting those nasty chemicals out of our house and replacing them with healthier, cleaner alternatives and thankfully Young Living supplies sooooo many of those things!!
The toxins so commonly found in our household products, makeup, soaps and such can really mess with our hormones and overall wellness. So let’s talk about how to replace the yucky stuff with the good stuff!! Here are some ideas to get you started!

Dryer sheets are scary. If you do some Googling you will sprint to pick up a couple wool dryer balls and a bottle of Lavender. The wool helps protect your clothes from static and the Lavender gives a calming scent that is soothing on your skin. Need extra static protection? Add a safety pin to your wool dryer balls before you toss them in the dryer!

Why buy a bottle of chemical-y Goo Gone when you’ve got that handy dandy, all-natural bottle of lemon oil right there in your starter kit?! Put a drop onto a sticky surface and rub with a dry towel- voila!! No more sticky gunk!

Thieves Laundry Soap is plant-based and is as pure and natural as a detergent is going to get—plus it contains the most powerful essential oils on the planet that not only make it smell amazing, but really help to get things clean. I mean, I use Thieves for cleaning literally everything in my house, and now they’ve made the best detergent I’ve ever tried out of the stuff.

This little compact bottle does 64 loads of laundry, instead of your typical 32. It’s 6x concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I love that it’s not so cumbersome like those giant jugs of detergent, and doesn’t take up a ton of space in your laundry room. And IT. WORKS. Stains come out, whites don’t get dingy, dirty farm clothes actually come out CLEAN. I can’t believe how well it works with only needing to use such a small amount. There’s also a little #hack that you can do to double the loads. Buy two, 32 ounce pump bottles on Amazon, split the bottle of Thieves Laundry Detergent between the pump bottles. Add 3 tbsp Thieves Cleaner to the pump bottle and fill with water. Shake to mix and now you’ve doubled your uses! Chemical free doesn’t have to be expensive!

Every surface in my home is cleaned with Thieves Household Cleaner.
Trade out the harmful affects of bleach and other toxic cleaners for a solution that will get rid of the germs while preserving your skin and lungs. Thieves has actually been proven to remove more bacteria and germs than bleach. So you aren’t compromising clean for green!!

Without even looking at a the label on a Dawn soap bottle, you can see that it has added dyes and synthetic fragrances, which are never good or natural! The Environmental Working Group gave Dawn a ‘D’ grade because of it containing methylisothiazolinone, which is a “High Concern: acute aquatic toxicity; Some Concern: skin irritation/allergies/damage.” EW. NO THANKS. Switch to Thieves Dish Soap! It has NO sulfates, phosphates, dyes, or perfumes, it’s gentle on your skin and won’t over-dry your hands.

Move over, Cascade!!!! There’s a new dish powder in town…. and it’s got zero toxic chemicals and smells amazing!!!! I like to add a citrus agent like LemiShine with Thieves Dish powder to get those extra sparkly dishes!

We can’t take about cleaning without mentioning diffusers! Just say NO to candles! Though they seem harmless, scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollution and they put off chemicals that are considered just as dangerous as second-hand smoke!! JUST NO. Ditch those candles and fill your home with diffusers and the best oils!!!

Those are just a few of the ways I’ve incorporated Theives into my routine, but trust me, the possibilities are endless! And most importantly, SAFE! If you’re new to essential oils or are interested in giving Young Living a try, click here to shop. Don’t forget to use my member number (1962462), then follow the prompts to complete your checkout. Happy Spring Cleaning!