It’s that time of year again! Our family scout elves, Yumyum and Peaches, have come back to visit! The main objective: keep an eye on the kiddos and report back to Santa. Have they been naughty, or have they been nice? (I vote nice, but I may be biased).

Every family has a different approach to their elves. After all, every elf is different! Some parents go to the nines to make sure their scout elf is heavily entertained and always has plenty to do. Some parents let their guests explore as they please. I think both are great! Luckily for me, Yumyum and Peaches don’t mind keeping things a little low key, and going with the flow. Of course, the kids and I love to find what kind of fun they’ve gotten into the night before, its such an exciting element of Christmas magic! It just so happens that our elves don’t need much to keep them happy. Which is why I’m so lucky to have found my secret weapon, The Elf Kit Co.

The Elf Kit Co was started by a fellow mom, who understood the stress that can come along with hosting a scout elf during the holiday season! So what did she do? She put together kits of activities to keep your little house guest entertained! Depending on what you order, the kits include 7, 12, 24, or 28 days worth of props, decorations, and activities! Yumyum and Peaches absolutely LOVE them! We wake up every morning to find them happily living the good life, and keeping the magic alive. And because their nights are pre-planned, I’m not kept awake, worried about what kind of reindeer game mischief their going to get themselves into!

I personally love the Elf on the Shelf tradition. As a mom, the best part of Christmas will always be seeing the wonder through my children’s eyes. There is no greater feeling. Elf on the Shelf is an exciting, creative, way to make that happen. So while it may be a little extra work hosting Yumyum and Peaches for the holiday season, I’m always excited to see them. Click the link below to check out The Elf Kit Co!