When you think of Christmas traditions, you probably think of a few things: family time, presents, food… but when you’re a parent of small children, there’s another very important tradition you don’t want to skip. Pictures with Santa! Those silly mall photos not only capture how much the kiddos have grown over the past year, but it brings the Christmas magic to life! Watching the excitement in my kids eyes when they get to see and talk to Santa is something I would never want to miss!

Four years ago, Daryle was on tour in Vegas doing a show for the NFR. He would be gone the first two weeks of December. This complicated our usual mall visit (if you’ve ever had to wait in line to see Santa, you KNOW you need to get there early 🤪). So instead of waiting for Daryle to get home from his tour, then waiting in those crazy lines, we decided to have Santa come to us! We invited a few close friends, (and Santa, of course) over to the farm for Breakfast and an afternoon of Christmas cheer! And that was the start of our Annual Santa Brunch!

Jolly St. Nick spends time with every child. He knows all about their favorite hobbies, their schools, and even their Elf on a Shelfs’ names! Its so fun to watch the kids light up with surprise while he chats about all these little details of their lives. Santa then checks his naughty or nice meter to make sure everyone is on the right track before Christmas. This year, Mercer said he was a little nervous that he wouldn’t make the cut, but to his surprise (and mine) he made it on the nice list by a hair! After each of the little ones gets face time with Santa, he finishes up our day with a telling of The Night Before Christmas and the birth story of Jesus.

This year was our fourth annual brunch. It’s still the same crowd, the same kiddos (only bigger) and the same Santa. Honestly, I’m not sure who loves the tradition more, the grownups or the kids! Its definitely a family favorite! I’m so grateful to be able to create these memories. I’m enjoying this time, friends. I know one day soon these kiddos will be to big to sit on Santa’s lap. But until then, I’m soaking up every second of Christmas magic I can!

Very Merry Christmas to you and all of your loved ones!