A few weeks ago, I shared my supplement line up with all of you. So today, I thought I’d share what led me to those supplements.

Years ago, I purchased a diffuser and some essential oils. I had no idea that they would lead me to a cleaner, safer way of living. What started out as just wanting some fragrance for my home has led to learning how to utilize different oils for almost everything under the sun. We use them for bumps and bruises, seasonal sniffles, promoting a restful sleep, and calming little kiddos. Some of my go-to oils are Thieves, Lemon, Lavender, and Frankincense. I find that these three oils come in handy almost every day of the week, and have so many uses.

Let’s start with thieves. Thieves is a moms best friend! Why? Because no one wants a sick kiddo. Enter: Thieves. We keep Thieves running in the diffuser all the time with a touch of lemon oil as well. The combination gives off a gorgeous fresh scent, and the thieves oil works to boost our immune systems without having to do anything but breathe. It doesn’t get much easier than that! We also roll Thieves on our feet every day for easy absorption. Young Living offers a Thieves Roller that makes using oils easy! Your feet have all the nerve endings in your body, so when you roll on essential oils, they’re absorbed within 20 seconds and delivered to every cell in your body within 20 minutes. You can reapply more often when you’re not feeling well or daily as an immune boost. Who doesn’t want an immune boost? I also love to make a Thieves Tea. It’s as easy as adding a drop of Thieves in a spoon full of local honey, stirred either in a cup of hot water, or in your favorite hot tea, and you’ve got a spicy cup of health. You can add a drop of lemon too. My favorite household cleaner is the Thieves Household Cleaner. One bottle lasts me about 6 months and I can clean every surface in my home with it. And it’s safe for my kids too. Kids are messy y’all. I love that I can hand them a bottle and they can help Mama!

Speaking of cleaning, lets talk about how helpful lemon oils can be. Kids love stickers. And I can bet if you’ve got kids, you’ve picked a sticker or two off of a window, or mirror or even maybe even a shirt that went through the washer. Lemon is natures Goo-Gone. A drop of lemon on a sticky spot will get it right off. Yep…even on clothes. One neat thing about lemon oil is it’s not made from the juice of the lemon, it comes from the rind. It takes about 75 Lemons to make a 15ml bottle of Lemon Essential oil. I love to add Lemon when I’m cooking. A drop or two in your favorite blueberry muffin recipe really brightens up the flavor. You can even make a lemon drizzle with some powdered sugar, a little bit of milk and a drop of lemon. Simply use lemon oil in place of lemon juice, lemon extract or lemon zest. A little goes a long way, lemon oil is powerful in more ways than one!

Next up is lavender. Lavender is one oil I refuse run out of! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of essential oils. Sleep? Diffuse Lavender. Boo Boo’s? rub Lavender. Sore muscles? Add Lavender to some Epsom salt for a relaxing bath. Sniffles? Rub some Lavender on your nose. Fussy kiddos? Sit with them and have them take some deep cleansing breaths with a drop of Lavender in their palms. We call that a “Scent Tent”. It’s an instant attitude adjustment.

The last (but certainly not least) oil in my essential oil dream team is Frankincense. Now, you should know I love good skin care, and our friend Frank is a favorite of mine in my routine. I simply add a drop in my moisturizer for dewy, glowing skin. Frankincense is also great diffused during yoga, meditation or prayer because the scent creates an environment of spiritual connection. You can even add a drop of Frankincense to your leather Bible and enjoy the rich aroma that promotes a sense of grounding and purpose. I’ll even occasionally place a drop right on the crown of my head to fully take advantage of it’s emotional benefits.

There are so many other amazing essential oils in my collection, but thieves, lemon, lavender, and frankincense are definitely the ones I reach for the most. If you’re new to essential oils or interested in giving them a try, this is a great place to start. I know from experience that entering the world of essential oils can be daunting. There are so many different types and brands being offered, its hard to know where to begin. At least that was my experience, until I found Young Living.

When I started using Young Living, I was only using oils for the purpose of making my home smell good. However after my experience with the brand, and how simple they’ve made it to understand essential oils, the benefits of these oils have far surpassed fragrance. Now, Young Living is the only brand of oil I will use. Let me tell you why. The quality and purity of the Young Living oils is unmatched. NO OTHER company owns farms or distilleries like Young Living. You can actually go visit any Young Living farm! Young Living has a Seed to Seal Promise. That means every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled. And they aren’t just an essential oils company, they have skin care, make up, pet products, supplements, baby + kids products and a chemical free cleaning line too. Literally a one stop shop for products I was already using, but now I have plant based products shipped right to my home and I know that they are safe for kiddos and even the farm animals. Yep, even the animals.

If you haven’t already stepped into the world of essential oils, I highly recommend you give it a shot as soon as possible. Grabbing your own bundle today will get you on the road to a healthier, happier YOU! I’d love to help you get started. A few simple steps and we can be oily buddies. Go to http://www.youngliving.com, choose your bundle (the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser is my favorite!), enter my member # (1962462) and follow the prompts. Once you order, I’ll even send you a fun welcome gift! Using oils is FUN!