Spring is here which means for turkey hunting, the time is right. Let me start off by saying this this was Daryle Singletary’s most favorite time of year. He did not get excited about much, but if you knew him, Daryle was giddy about springtime.

In all the years Daryle and I were married, I never went hunting with him. That was something he loved and in my mind, I could find something better to do, like shopping 😆 I remember Daryle and I talking about putting turkey mounts up at our new house and I said a big fat NO. You know what his response was? He told me when the boys start hunting you will do whatever they ask you, like put “their” turkey mount up.

Fast forward to turkey season without our #1 turkey hunter. I wanted to carry on the love Daryle had for hunting with the boys. Just like that we had a “Godwink” sent through Daryles hunting buddies our way. These men stepped in and stepped up in a big way and my mama heart could explode with love.

Last weekend was youth turkey hunt in Georgia with all the “A-team”. We arrived Friday at hunting camp and the boys were pumped! They got up like champs every morning at 5am excited for the possibility of getting a long beard. Lots of food, camp fires, birthday cake, playing in the woods, and being with friends.

Sunday morning the boys went out again early morning after a late night and they were dragging. The hard work and perseverance paid off! Mercer shot his first gobbler. When I got the text he got one I screamed with excitement.

You see, when you love someone and know their passions and what they love… Well you love them as well. Here we are doing what Daryle said I would do, taking Mercer and Jonah turkey hunting. I want to fuel their fire with the love of the great outdoors and hunting that their daddy had.

This hunt was so much more than “just a hunt”. It’s a connection they have with their daddy and his friends, the simple things he loved. They feel close to him the stories of him, the laughs, the memories they make. This is more than a memory, this will last a lifetime.

The love I have for these men that take the time to carry this tradition on for years to come, it fills my heart with joy. Sam Klement, Ricky Jo Bishop, Phillip Culpeper, Drake Lamb and Brad Ward you my friends are my heros.