Growing up in my family, stocking stuffers were always made up of two things: Christmas candy and tiny, cheap, toys or trinkets (that we somehow always ended up loving more than the “big ticket” present we’d get that year). Nowadays, when I’m looking for stocking stuffers online, its seems like as long as the item fits in a stocking, it qualifies as a stuffer, no matter the price! That may work for some families, to each their own, but for the Singletarys: its a no. You’ve probably already read about our tradition of three gifts per child, (if not, check out the Boys Gift Guide here) so you know I like to keep Christmas gifts simple! That’s why everything in this gift guide is less than $20 and available on Amazon. With that being said, I would also recommend taking a trip to your local dollar store or Five Below to find even more affordable stocking stuffers. Because let’s be honest, its not the price tag that makes Christmas morning so much fun, its the Christmas Magic of Santa leaving behind these tiny treats! And even Santa has a budget!



From Left to Right:

1. Uno, Pixar Edition

2. Pez Christmas Candy Dispenser Set

3. Aubllo Mini Talking Robot

4. Cutitos Mystery Stuffed Animal

5. Bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy

6. Fingerlings Glitter Monkey

7. Play-Doh Variety 6-Pack Sand and Shimmer Stretch Pack

8. HLAOLA Kids Walkie Talkies